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Board Members

  • Kerry Fasking

    Kerry Fasking


  • John Kenny

    John Kenny

    Vice Chair

  • Wendy Longwell

    Wendy Longwell


  • Margaret Beck

    Margaret Beck


  • Stephen Bell

    Stephen Bell

    Consumer Member

  • Amparo Buck

    Amparo Buck

    Community Member

  • Robert Folden

    Robert Folden

  • Ray Hamby

    Ray Hamby

    Consumer Member

  • Mark Mitchelson

    Mark Mitchelson

    Community and Provider Member

  • Dot Van Cleave

    Dot Van Cleave

    Consumer Member

  • Lori Goyne

    Lori Goyne

    Ex Officio Member

  • John Di Perry

    John Di Perry

    Emeritus Member

  • Mike Mangas

    Mike Mangas

    Emeritus Member

  • Samantha Breton

    Samantha Breton

  • Liz Olson

    Liz Olson

    Consumer Member

Senior Management Team


  • Katie Amaya - Director of Quality Improvement

    Katie Amaya

    Director of Quality Improvement

  • Evan Boullie

    Training Manager

  • Shannon Carelli

    Center Manager

  • Michelle Carlson

    Center Manager

  • Ernesto Cervantes, LCSW

    Ernesto Cervantes, LCSW

    LCSW Supervisor

  • Denise Evans

    Director of Integrated Behavioral Health

  • Anne Frunk

    Director of EDI Compliance and Internal Auditing

  • Rhett Grover, DO

    Rhett Grover, DO

    Medical Director (Urgent Care)

  • Karen Gryszan

    Associate Director of Clinical Operations

  • Debra Harder

    Supportive Services Center Manager

  • Tracey Henderson

    Center Manager

  • Jared Hill

    Center Manager

  • Randi Holscher

    Randi Holscher

    Center Manager

  • Julie Keown

    Center Manager

  • Imran Khan, MD

    Imran Khan, MD

    Medical Director (PCN)

  • Debra Lupeika, MD

    Residency Program Director

  • Collin Lynn, MD

    Collin Lynn, MD

    Medical Director (NP/PA Fellowship)

  • Tim Majdic

    Capital Projects and Facilities Manager

  • Shannon Matajcich

    Central Supply Manager

  • John Matheson

    John Matheson

    Director of Billing

  • Amber Middleton

    Director of HOPE Program

  • Rhonda Nunnelley

    Director of Organizational Compliance

  • Robert Gamboe, PA-C

    Robert Gamboe, PA-C

    NP/PA Fellowship Program Director

  • Kyle Patton, MD

    Kyle Patton, MD

    Medical Director (HOPE)

  • Dave Pierce

    Purchasing Manager

  • Franklin Pierce, DDS

    Franklin Pierce, DDS

    Dental Director

  • Elaine Porter, MD

    Elaine Porter, MD

    Medical Director (Shasta Lake)

  • Judy Price

    Judy Price

    Grants Administrator

  • Dan Santi

    Dan Santi

    Director of Finance

  • Suebee Semore

    Center Manager

  • Paul Senn

    Health Information Services Manager

  • Dawn Skowron

    Patient Services Manager

  • Michael Sumption, IT Services Manager

    Michael Sumption

    IT Services Manager

  • Melissa Tasista, DO

    Melissa Tasista, DO

    Medical Director (Family Practice)

  • Dee Tiger, Environmental Services Manager

    Dee Tiger

    Environmental Services Manager

  • Joe Villalobos, MD

    Joe Villalobos, MD

    Medical Director (Enterprise)

  • Beckey Wilson

    Informatics Manager

  • Rob Young, Center Manager

    Rob Young

    Center Manager

  • Zach Zeller

    Patient Education and Health Promotion Manager

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News and Updates

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    Construction has begun on our new Women’s, Babies’, and Children’s Center! It has been exciting to watch the construction process, foundation has been poured and the crew has started framing....

  • July 2022 Patient Newsletter

    We would like to congratulate: Dr. Taman Hoang, Dr. Jacob Suazo, and Dr. Tram Hoff for completing our residency program! Once doctors complete their residencies, they become board-ce...

  • June Patient Newsletter

    What are the patient surveys? You may receive a mail-in survey to your home from Partnership Health Plan of California (PHC).  PHC is responsible for coverage under Medi-Cal. Each ye...

  • May Patient Newsletter

    What is the Women’s Babies’ and Children’s Center? This is a new center that we are building across the street from our main center in Redding on Placer and Continental streets. Construction o...

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