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Clinical Staff


  • Jonathan Munns, DDS

  • Franklin Pierce, DDS

    Franklin Pierce, DDS

Family Practice CliniciansTop

  • Erin Baldwin, FNP-C

  • Larissa Botcharnikova, PA-C

    Larissa Botcharnikova, PA-C

  • Dorothy Bratton, PA-C

    Dorothy Bratton, PA-C

  • Brian Crume, DC

    Brian Crume, DC

  • Paul Davainis, MD

    Paul Davainis, MD

  • Taylor Dittman, FNP-C

  • Clint Evans, DO

  • Morgan Gaura, PA-C

  • Melodie Gill, FNP-BC

  • Rhett Grover, DO

    Rhett Grover, DO

  • Andrew Hansen, PA-C

  • June Harry, FNP-C

  • Taman Hoang, MD

    Taman Hoang, MD

  • Tram Hoff, MD

    Tram Hoff, MD

  • Myles Ketchum, MD

  • Debra Lupeika, MD, FAAFP

  • Collin Lynn, MD

    Collin Lynn, MD

  • Christine Madrigal, FNP-C

  • Sarah Massatt, MD

  • Bryan Messenger, MD

  • Heidi Mist, MD

  • Amanda Mooneyham, MD, MPH

    Amanda Mooneyham, MD, MPH

  • Natalie Nelson, MD

  • Maria Nicora, MD

  • Robert Gamboe, PA-C

    Robert Gamboe, PA-C

  • Kyle Patton, MD

    Kyle Patton, MD

  • Robin Pendleton, FNP-C

  • Chad Pitcher, DO

  • Elaine Porter, MD

    Elaine Porter, MD

  • Hannah Purkey, MD

  • Calvin Ruiz, MD

  • Jacob Suazo, MD

  • Melissa Tasista, DO

    Melissa Tasista, DO


  • Kathleen Knopp, MD

  • Thomas Perry, MD

  • Meuy Seachao, FNP-C

  • Amanda Wong, PA-C

Part TimeTop

  • Butch Ascherman, FNP

    Butch Ascherman, FNP

  • Christine Austin, MD

    Christine Austin, MD

  • Sara Choudhry, MD

  • Elisabeth Cooper, PA-C

    Elisabeth Cooper, PA-C

  • Michael Gasman, MD

  • Sahaile Kristoffersen, DO

  • Riaz Malik, MD

  • Jill Shaw, MD

    Jill Shaw, MD

  • Wilfred Shiu, MD

    Wilfred, Shiu, MD

  • Joe Villalobos, MD

    Joe Villalobos, MD

Pediatric CliniciansTop

  • Sean Dugan, MD

    Sean Dugan, MD

  • Molly McWilliams, PA-C

  • Chelsea Mills, MD

  • Janessa Peralta, MD

  • Keith Pirl, MD

  • Lisa Ponce, MD

    Lisa Ponce, MD

  • Eryn Simmons, DO

  • Carey Venglarcik, MD

    Carey Venglarcik, MD

Primary Care Neuropsychiatry GroupTop

  • Ernesto Cervantes, LCSW

    Ernesto Cervantes, LCSW

  • Jamie Gray, LCSW

    Jamie Gray, LCSW

  • Imran Khan, MD

    Imran Khan, MD

  • Donna Robberecht, LCSW

  • Caroline Stone, PMHNP-BC

  • Keri Weinstock, PMHNP-BC


  • Douglas McMullin

  • Darrick Nelson, MD

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News and Updates

  • January 2023 Patient Newsletter

    Construction has begun on our new Women’s, Babies’, and Children’s Center! It has been exciting to watch the construction process, foundation has been poured and the crew has started framing....

  • July 2022 Patient Newsletter

    We would like to congratulate: Dr. Taman Hoang, Dr. Jacob Suazo, and Dr. Tram Hoff for completing our residency program! Once doctors complete their residencies, they become board-ce...

  • June Patient Newsletter

    What are the patient surveys? You may receive a mail-in survey to your home from Partnership Health Plan of California (PHC).  PHC is responsible for coverage under Medi-Cal. Each ye...

  • May Patient Newsletter

    What is the Women’s Babies’ and Children’s Center? This is a new center that we are building across the street from our main center in Redding on Placer and Continental streets. Construction o...

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