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  • Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

Here at Shasta Community Health, we understand that mental health is as important as physical health. That means, to best serve our community, we look at our patients’ well-being from a whole person perspective to include body and mind. This allows us to provide whole person care, as well as referrals to our community partners to find solutions for all our patients.

Our Behavioral Health Consultants explore ways to provide:

  • Assessments and Education
  • Information related services to help our patients consider the mental health aspects of their whole health picture
  • Supportive and evidence-based, short-term treatment to our patients in need

If you have questions, please contact your clinician and arrange a consult with one of our Behavioral Health Consultants. We are here to support you!

Our Mission statement

Behavioral Health Consultants promote solution-focused therapy in a primary care setting to enrich the minds of our patients, and their community, in developing solutions to behavioral barriers which get in the way of their overall well-being.

Our Team

Colstyn Edwards, LMFT, National University. Lead Behavioral Health Clinician.

Colstyn has been working in Shasta County for several years in private practice and in many capacities over the years. Colstyn is a certified specialist in diverse populations, certified cognitive therapy specialist, and certified child development intervention specialist. He is a former adjunct professor at National University and has run a private practice for 7 years. Currently he leads the Gender Clinic at SCHC and works in the Family Practice Department at SCHC (Main).

Colstyn Edwards

Christina Newton LMFT, Chapman University.

Christina has been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 15+ years here in Shasta County. She has been an adjunct professor at both Simpson University and National University Master’s in Counseling Psychology programs. She was also a former full-time professor at Simpson for three years as an Undergraduate instructor. She is trained in couple’s, women’s and teen’s issues. She has expertise in trauma across all ages and children’s disorders, as well as somatic therapy. Currently, she works in the Pediatrics Department (Main) and Shasta Community Maternity Center.

Christina Newton

Jillian Tyson, LMFT, National University

Jillian’s counseling approach ranges from cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT), solution focused therapy, motivational interviewing, and client-centered. Jillian has been serving Shasta County for six years. Jillian works in the Fellowship Department (Main).

Jillian Tyson

Dawn Haskins, LMFT, National University

Dawn has been serving Shasta County for 18 years in several capacities. She has trained in TF-CBT clinical supervision, Triple P, and ACES. She is currently working in the Family Practice Department (Main) and Shasta Lake Family Health Center.

Dawn Haskins

Melissa Gandy, LMFT, National University

Melissa has served Shasta County for 20+ years in mental health. Melissa has trained on trauma, trauma informed parenting, attachment, and children’s issues. Melissa works currently in Residency (Main).

Melissa Gandy

Jastej Dhillon, LMFT, California State University—Chico

Jastej has been working in Shasta County for three years. Jastej has been trained in attachment theory, parenting, complex trauma. Currently, Jastej works in the Pediatrics Department (Main).

Jastej Dhillon

Paul Kannard, LMFT, Simpson University

Paul has been trained in dialectical behavior therapy and TF-CBT. He has been with SCHC for over a year. Paul works at Anderson Family Health Center.

Paul Kannard
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