Board Members

John Di Perry – Chairperson
Cyndy Gordon – Vice Chairperson
Kerry Fasking – Treasurer
Ray Hamby – Secretary

Lydia Buckley
River Cabanillas Bell
Margie Gill
Sharon Hughes
John Kenny
Mark Korth
Wendy Longwell
Brian Spillane

Lori Goyne – ex officio
Mike Mangas – ex officio

Senior Management Team


  • Evie Barday - Lead Visit Coordinator

    Evie Barday

    Lead Visit Coordinator

  • Theresa Blanco - Patient Education and Health Promotions Manager

    Theresa Blanco

    Patient Education and Health Promotions Manager

  • Leisa Bramblett

    Leisa Bramblett

    VC Team Leader

  • Michelle Carlson

    Center Manager

  • Jacqueline Choate - Lead Visit Coordinator

    Jacqueline Choate

    Lead Visit Coordinator

  • Katrina Delevati

    Katrina Delevati

    Director of Human Resources

  • Chris Farley - Lead Visit Coordinator

    Chris Farley

    Lead Visit Coordinator

  • Susan Fresz

    Susan Fresz

    Center Manager

  • Anne Frunk, Revenue Cycle Manager

    Anne Frunk

    Revenue Cycle Manager

  • Rhett Grover, DO

    Rhett Grover, DO

    Medical Director (Urgent Care)

  • Laurence Heard, MD

    Laurence Heard, MD

    Co-Medical Director (Family Practice)

  • Randi Holscher

    Randi Holscher, RN

    Center Manager

  • Catherine Jackson

    Catherine Jackson

    Director of Quality Improvement

  • Julie Johnston

    Julie Johnston

    Director of Finance

  • Imran Khan, MD

    Imran Khan, MD

    Medical Director (PCN)

  • John Matheson

    John Matheson

    Billing Manager

  • William Misslin, Director of Informatics

    William Misslin

    Director of Informatics

  • Holley Neville

    Center Manager

  • Alexis Parsons

    Alexis Parsons

    Director of Health Information Services

  • Dave Pierce

    Purchasing Specialist

  • Franklin Pierce, DDS

    Franklin Pierce, DDS

    Dental Director

  • Terry Pottroff, ITS Manager

    Terry Pottroff

    ITS Manager

  • Judy Price

    Judy Price

    Grants Administrator

  • Geoff Reynolds

    Geoff Reynolds

    Facilities Manager

  • Cheryl Russo, RDH

    Cheryl Russo, RDH

    Associate Dental Director

  • Ron Sand, MD

    Ron Sand, MD

    Medical Director (HOPE)

  • Suebee Semore - Center Manager

    Suebee Semore

    Center Manager

  • Danielle Smith

    Danielle Smith

    Center Manager

  • Melissa Tasista, DO

    Melissa Tasista, DO

    Co-Medical Director (Family Practice)

  • Brandon Thornock, Director of Clinical Operations

    Brandon Thornock

    Director of Clinical Operations

News and Updates

  • Construction

    And so it begins, a 16 month journey that started January of 2014 and ends May of 2015. We closed off a portion of our main health center in Redding for demolition and construction. We look forwa...

  • Promising Smiles

    We are looking to make a major impact on the women selected to improve their smile, oral health, and boost their self esteem. We want to remove any major oral health barrier to achieve financial...

  • Give Kids a Smile

    Shasta County's Give Kids a Smile event offers FREE dental care for uninsured, low-income children (ages 0-18). Shasta Community Health Center participates in the American Dental Association...

  • Health Happens Here

    When the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly known as Obamacare, is in full effect, Californians will have guaranteed access to health insurance coverage, including the 7 million Californians who...

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