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In general, candidates for the Shasta Community Health Center Family Medicine Residency Program also choose to interview with our sister program, Mercy Medical Center Redding Family Medicine Residency Program. We are offering both virtual and in-person interviews for the 2023-2024 application season.

Interview Season 2023-2024

October 12th - virtual
October 13th - virtual
November 2nd- in-person
November 3rd- in-person
November 9th- in-person
November 10th- in-person
November 16th- virtual
November 17th- virtual
November 30th- in-person
December 1st- in-person
December 7th- in-person
December 8th- in-person
December 14th- virtual
December 15th- virtual
January 4th- virtual
January 5th- virtual 
January 11th- virtual
January 12th- virtual
January 18th- virtual 
January 19th- virtual

Interview Itinerary: Virtual

9-9:30 AM: Welcome and Introduction
9:30-10:10 AM: Individual Interviews Group 1 and Resident Q&A Group 2
10:10-10:15 AM: Break
10:15-10:55 AM: Individual Interviews Group 1 and Resident Q&A Group 2
11-11:20 AM: Wrap-Up Session
11:20-12:45: Break
12:45-1:15: Lecture

Interview Itinerary: In-Person

8:15-9 AM: Program Intro
9-10:20 AM: Individual Interviews/Clinic Tour by residents
10:20-10:30 AM: Drive to Mercy
10:30-11:10 AM: Mercy Hospital tour by residents
11:20-12:20 AM: Community drive tour meet at MFHC with Mercy side with residents
12:20-1:30 Lunch and Lecture
1:30: Drive back to SCHC for wrap up

Optional virtual Noon Conference Attendance 12:45 PM-1:15 PM
Optional virtual Thursday Social Hour with Residents 6:00 PM

Please note that we participate in CAFP Residency Network pledge to limit post-interview communication to provide an equitable experience for all applicants.

Please reach out to us at or call 530-248-3711 if you have any questions and we look forward to another fun and rewarding interview season!

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