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  • Women's History Month at SCHC

Women's History Month at SCHC

We are aspiring women physicians in training, also known as residents. Our specialty is family medicine and the five of us strive to provide high quality primary care to the communities that need it the most. Our program gives us the incredible privilege of serving patients at SCHC and at Mercy Hospital where we are trained in outpatient primary care and inpatient hospital care. We care for patients of all ages and their families, because we want to help them be the healthiest and best versions of themselves. We hope that our work can inspire others in our communities to become future health care providers!

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News and Updates

  • December Patient Newsletter

    What is World AIDS Day?  The whole month of December is HIV/AIDS Awareness Month! World AIDS Day takes place on December 1st each year. It is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite...

  • November Patient Newsletter

    Chronic Care Management We are excited to offer a new service through Medicare called Chronic Care Management (CCM). This program is for Medicare patients living with diabetes, high blood pres...

  • October Patient Newsletter

    COVID-19 Updates Vaccine Incentive Patients of SCHC who are Partnership HealthPlan members are eligible for $25 gift cards for getting their COVID-19 vaccine starting on October 18, 2021! S...

  • September Patient Newsletter

    Important Center Update  We are dealing with the complications of the pandemic, and we see some staffing shortages that could make getting through on our phones more difficult. One way to...

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