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American Association of Teaching Health Centers

The American Association of Teaching Health Centers (AATHC) was founded in 2013 to serve as the coordinating center for the THC movement.

The AATHC supports and advances THC's through networking, communications and educating the medical profession and the public. AATHC also engages in advocacy efforts to extend current THC funding and to establish a dedicated source for community-based primary care GME funding.

Shasta Community Health Center’s Teaching & Training Affiliations

Shasta Community Health Center is very proud to be associated with many of the region’s and state’s finest teaching and training institutions and organizations. SCHC’s mission includes a strong emphasis on teaching, training and education as a way of both helping with recruitment and retention, providing additional access to care and as a way of keeping the quality of care of our organization at a very high level. The growth in our affiliation relationships is a testimony to the high quality of our medical, dental, behavioral faculty and support staff and our clear mission of caring for the disadvantaged in the communities we serve. To learn more about Shasta Community's Health Center's Family Practice Residency Program along with contact information please Click Here.

Shasta Community Health Center Family Practice Residency

The Family Medicine Residency Program at SCHC is a fully accredited three year continuity training program based at the clinic. The program currently sponsors 6 family practice residents (2-2-2). The program shares inpatient training rotations at Mercy Hospital with the Mercy Family Medicine Residency Program. Inpatient experience includes in depth experience with internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and surgery.

The residents spend three years at SCHC and assume progressively more responsibility for a panel of patients at SCHC. Community rotations in homeless and street medicine, addiction medicine, home visits, institutional care and nursing home care give residents a broad picture of "bringing medicine to the patient" that is at the core of the family medicine ethic. 

Medical students from UC Davis and many other osteopathic and allopathic medical schools in the country rotate regularly through the residency program and develop an appreciation for the core values associated with underserved care.

Contact Information: Prospective Family Practice Residents

Director’s Name: Debbie Lupeika, MD
Phone: (530) 246-5951
Fax: (530) 245-1068

NP/PA Post Graduate Fellowship Program

The Shasta Community Health Center Post Graduate NP/PA Fellowship Program is specifically designed for newly graduated and licensed NPs and PAs in the practice of primary care within the Community Health Clinic setting. Since its inception in 2016, this two year program has been designed as a Pathway to Practice for these fully licensed medical providers.  At the end of their training, each Fellow will have seen and experienced the challenging specialty of primary care medicine and be ready to serve patients in a variety of communities.

Thee Shasta Community Health Center Post Graduate Fellowship Program is a non-accredited post graduate training program. It is funded by SCHC and various grants. For more information please contact the Program Director

Program Director: Robert Gamboe, PA-C
Phone: (530) 229-5095 

American Academy of Family Practice

University of California, Davis – Rural PRIME Program

Shasta Community Health Center (SCHC) is proud to be a participant in the University of California’s “PRograms In Medical Education” or PRIME, which is designed to produce physician leaders who are trained in and committed to helping California’s underserved communities. SCHC as an academic partner with the University of California, Davis School of Medicine, and its PRIME focus on finding and training the best and the brightest medical students for a fulfilling career in a rural medicine, is ideally suited to providing an exceptional rural outpatient experience in pediatrics and general primary care. Shasta CHC, with its core of exceptional pediatricians, family physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants serving nearly a quarter of the population of Shasta County, offers the UCD PRIME medical student an outstanding experience, exposing them to demanding pathology, combined with psycho-social challenges often found in rural communities where the primary care clinician plays an even greater critical role in helping patients manage their health. Shasta CHC also offers a wide array of other potential experiences including outreach to the homeless. Under a stable and experienced medical staff, the Rural-PRIME medical student will be challenged and supported helping to prepare them for a rewarding career in rural based primary care medicine. To learn more about the UCD Rural – PRIME program please go to:

Training of Medical Students, Family Nurse Practitioners Students, Physician Assistants Students, Pre-Medical Students

On a case by case basis, Shasta Community Health Center sponsors students at various levels of the health professions spectrum, from medical FNP-PA students through to early pipeline programs at the high-school level primarily through the local high-school R.O.P. programs (see below). Inquiries can be made through SCHC’s Administration, or through:

SCHC Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Jeffrey Bosworth
Shasta Community Health Center
1035 Placer Street
Redding, CA. 96001


Shasta Union High School District Adult Registered Dental Assistant Program

Shasta Community Health Center works with the Shasta Union High School District Adult Registered Dental Assistant Program as a means to support the pipeline of students interested in dental careers. Many of these high-school and adult students enter into the dental field with several hired, over time, with Shasta Community Health Center. More information on this program can be obtained through the following:

Shasta Union High School District Adult CTE RDA Program
Gail Enmark
4659 Eastside Rd.
Redding, CA. 96001
Phone: 530-246-3302

UCSF Senior Dental Students

Shasta Community Health Center has a working relationship with the University of California, San Francisco, School of Dentistry. Senior dental students are able to sign up for a three week rotation whereby they work with SCHC’s dentists and experience life in our dental clinics and in the Redding/Anderson area in general. These rotations happen almost every month throughout the year and are coordinated by the UCSF School of Dentistry for their students. Shasta Community Health Center assists these students by providing living arrangements here in Redding. Please contact SCHC’s Dental Program, Director Franklin Pierce, DDS, (530- 246-5894) or go directly through to UCSF School of Dentistry at the web site below:

Shasta College Dental Hygiene Program

Shasta Community Health Center was one of the original partners, along with the Northern California Dental Society, in helping to establish this school of dental hygiene based at Shasta College. The school and Shasta Community Health Center’s main dental clinic in Redding, share a floor of a commercial building where education and oral health services are provided. SCHC also provides clinical work experiences for the dental hygiene school. You can obtain more information about the Shasta College Dental Hygiene Program by going to their web page below or calling them at the number below:
Phone: 530-245-7332

Shasta College Licensed Vocational Nurse Program

Shasta Community Health Center has a long standing relationship with the Shasta College LVN program. SCHC assists the college in the clinical experience of students and we have hired several students who have been through the program and have done some of their training at SCHC. You can obtain more information about the LVN program through the information below:

Shasta College Nursing Programs
Center for Human Development
11555 Old Oregon Trail
P.O. Box 49606
Redding, CA 96049-6006

Institute of Technology

Shasta Community Health Center has a long standing relationship with the Institute of Technology LVN-MA program. SCHC assists the college in the clinical experience and training externships of students. We regularly hire students who have been through the program and have done some of their training at SCHC. You can obtain more information about the Institute of Technology programs through the information below:

Lutheran Medical Center Post Graduate Advanced Education General Dentistry (AEGD) Program

All three locations of Shasta Community Health Dental Center’s are fully accredited by the Committee of Dental Accreditation to provide post graduate dental education through Lutheran Medical Center.  Each year we strive to have 3 one year residents that start their program the beginning of July.  
Contact Information: Prospective Dental AEGD Residents
AEGD Dental Director Name: Anna D Emilio

Chico State Registered Nursing Program

Shasta Community Health Center has developed a linkage with the Chico State RN Program and provides some selective placement for students as part of their clinical training. For more information regarding Chico State’s Nursing Program, including their distance learning program, please contact them through the information provided by their web site below:

Director: Sherry D. Fox, R.N., Ph.D.
Phone: 530-898-5891

Work Experience Programs (Worksite Trainings and WEX)

Shasta Community Health Center works with the SMART Business Resource Center in providing on the job training and work experience opportunities for participants. Interested individuals should contact the Smart Business Resource Center for more information.

Kim Cobbler
Program Supervisor
Smart Business Resource Center
1201 Placer Street
Redding, CA  96001


Area Health Education Consortium – California

The California AHEC Program, a thirty year old organization of partnerships, brings together community and academic interests to improve access to health care and decrease health disparities. Each AHEC develops, with its partners, a population-based approach to health professions education with a special emphasis on community-based training.

Supported by HRSA grant #5U77HPO3015-05 and the state of California, the AHEC Program accomplishes its mission through a network of ten California AHEC centers, each located in an underserved area and affiliated with, but separate from a health professions school. Each AHEC is an independent organization located in the community and serves a specific region; each run by a community board of directors. Most centers have developed programs and resources in addition to the state and HRSA support provided by the AHEC program.

The goals of the California AHEC are to improve access to health care services by:

  • Increasing community based training of health professions students in California.
  • Increasing health workforce diversity
  • Linking AHEC to community, academic and other partners.
  • Expanding California AHEC to areas not presently served.

More information regarding other California AHECs can be obtained by visiting the following web site:

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