Sierra Health Foundation grants $11K to UWNC-sponsored program, Bridges to Housing

Since partnering with United Way of Northern California in December 2016, Bridges to Housing has brought care and compassion to Redding's homeless community by providing rent supplements and access to transitional housing to individuals in need of medical care, as well as providing a framework within which they can begin to attend to their medical needs.
"What might be a minor medical issue for someone in secure housing can develop into a major illness for a homeless person, and the chances of reoccurrence or relapse are also greater. But given clean housing and someone to help guide them through the system, health outcomes are dramatically improved for our homeless population," says Thomas Reeder, case manager for the program.
In July 2018 it was announced that Bridges to Housing will be awarded a $11,028 grant through Sierra Health Foundation's "Responsive Grants Program," which provides support to community-driven efforts to improve health, promote access and reduce health inequity throughout its 26-county region. This grant will support case management efforts and increase the amount of homeless served by the program.

Bridges to Housing has also benefited from other generous sources of funding, including Community Development Block Grants from the City of Redding for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 fiscal years. 
Over the past year, Bridges to Housing has been able to provide assistance to 43 people, most of which were physically disabled, battling a serious medical condition, were pregnant or had recently been released from hospitalization. 

Most helped support themselves and all were asked to do what they were able to do for themselves, says Dr. Douglas McMullin, co-founder of the program.
Among those helped through the program was Lois*, 74, who had lost her home due to flooding. Lois sought to stay at the Good News Rescue Mission, but several chronic health problems prevented her from doing well there, says Dr. McMullin. Bridges to Housing helped supplement the cost of temporary housing at a local motel, where she paid 60% of her rent monthly and had access to one of the programs two volunteer case managers, who helped her get to doctor's appointments. Lois was able to get her cataracts removed and secure a HUD voucher, allowing her to move into an apartment. Lois no longer needs assistance-though a volunteer continues to check on her-and is now self-supporting and living in that apartment with her small dog. 
Learn more about Bridges to Housing by visiting their Facebook Page:

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