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Participant Testimonials

Take a look at what participants think about one of SCHC's workshop additions, Pain Self-Management:

  • "I was sitting at home doing nothing when my daughter came and said we're going to a class. I said, 'No, I'm not.' I was so against it, but I'm so glad I came! I'm more confident that I can change some of the things I do to help my pain."
  • "I learned that setting goals for myself helps me be more encouraging to my future."
  • "I took this workshop to learn more about how I can deal with my knee and back pain after gastric bypass surgery and I am taking with me a number of tools to use. Using the tools in this workshop will help me especially after by surgery and can no longer take anti-inflamitories."
  • "Was the best descision I have made for myself and I'm glad I did. I will be more apt to take charge of my pain and care."
  • "If you ever have the change to take the Pain Management class I highly suggest it. It helps you conquer goals ans set goals for a healthier, happier you. I have lost weight and found ways to better my life as well as my health for better pain free living. I loved it so much!"

Consumer testimonials about FREE Outreach & Enrollment services:

  • "Very informative and helpful to get insurance. I feel better knowing I have some protection if needed. Thank You for having this assistance available!"
  • "Clear information delivered in such a friendly, non-judgmental way."
  • "Amanda was very pleasant - and extremely helpful, professional!"
  • "I liked the clarity of the enroller, also the fact that there are options based on my needs. I will now be able to have maintenance checks and affordable medication."
  • "Camron was awesome and very informational!"
  • "Between Covered CA and Anthem Blue Cross the info was too confusing, but after meeting we felt like we understood."
  • "Shasta Community Health has been very helpful to the uninsured of this community!"
  • "Holly is the best!"
  • "I received excellent assistance on a complicated task.I was able to get the help I needed that I would not have otherwise been able to figure out on my own."

See what participants have to say about enjoying the FREE Wellness Yoga class held on Tuesday and Thursdays at 2:30-4:00pm at the Redding center (SCHC 1035 Placer St. 3rd Floor)). The class is led by Audrey DeLong, experienced Yoga and Walk With Ease instructor. This is an assisted yoga class with traditional poses using props like blankets, straps, blocks, and chairs to bring the body into a restful state as a natural way to self-manage pain and stress, increase strength and flexibility, improve breathing and circulation, manage weight, achieve cardiovascular conditioning and improve well-being. No experience or equipment necessary to attend.

  • "Audrey is fabulous! This class has helped me enormously to eliminate pain and have some flexibility again. It has been indispensible for my diabetes and stress!"
  • "It has helped me to get in touch with my body and has helped to remind me to breath in my daily life. It has made me much better. It has given me energy."
  • "The teacher is wonderful. She has a very good attitude and very likeable."
  • "Yoga is such a positive experience and it helps your flexibility, stamina, sleep and all around good health. My back's stiffness has improved. Most patients would benefit from some form of yoga to improve a more positive attitude."
  • "The teacher has us take our time and work at our own pace."
  • "The entire yoga program is great - the leader is wonderful and very helpful. It is a workout of the best kind."
  • "It has helped to make me feel better and for clearing my mind! Please keep it going! It is encouraging and a great community event!"

Checkout what participants have to say about our other FREE workshops:

"I'm writing on behalf of myself and my special needs son, who cannot write for himself. We want you to know how grateful  we are that we were allowed to attend this class. We have learned so much and will carry it with us the rest of our lives. We will continue to apply what we learned, such as the "Action Plan."  It can be used in so many ways and areas of our lives. I have seen changes in myself, my son and my daughter who attended these classes; furthermore, I just want to say these classes have had such a positive outcome that my daughter is researching and considering a future job in this field. The teachers were knowledgeable, helpful and very friendly. Thank you very much for helping my family."  

Nutrition Education Workshop participant

"I signed up for the workshop in an effort to be a better care provider for my sister. I have found the workshop to be very helpful. The topics varied and the group input has been an added benefit . I have come to a better understanding and empathy for persons suffering from major depression and other illness or injury that has caused suffering. The setting of even the smallest action change can be overwhelming for some. The workshop has given me the "permission" I have needed to not lose my "self" in the care taking process. In closing I would like to say thank you to you and Shasta Community Health for providing a much needed service."

Healthy Living Workshop participant

"Made me more aware of my conditions and how to take care of them. Wonderful!!! Thank you."

Diabetes Self-Management Workshop participant

"This class has helped a lot. I was reluctant to come and during the first class I really did not think I would use the information I was getting, or it would not teach me anything I didn't already know. I was wrong!! It has helped me a lot and made me more open to new ideas. " 

Healthier Living Workshop participant

"Great class! Great teachers! A lot of information. Life Changing."

Diabetes Self-Management Workshop Participant 

“I didn’t think this class was right for me. However, as a recovering addict, I benefited from this class. During my recovery from my personal illness and addiction, I forgot about the simple things in life that make a huge difference. During this class I made weekly action plans, kept a food journal and meditated daily. I was able to start working full time and excel at my job because I was taking care of my health. The things we’ve learned were simple enough to remember, yet were life changing lessons to live by.”

Healthy Living Workshop Participant

Patient Video Testimonials

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