November Patient Newsletter

Reading for Health

Did you know that SCHC gives out new books to children at each of their well-child visits? SCHC is a proud member of Reach Out and Read (ROR). ROR is a nonprofit organization that gives young children a strong foundation for success by using books during pediatric visits and encouraging families to read aloud together.

What does reading have to do with health?
The best opportunity to influence a child’s future is in the first five years, an important window of rapid brain development that does not happen at any other time. Children who hear fewer words during early childhood start school developmentally behind and may never catch up. When families read aloud to their young children, they can give them a better start to life. This is why our providers give books to children and encourage families to read out loud and engage with their infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and beyond.

2020 Census: Why is it Important to Me?

Responding to the census is not only your civic duty; it also affects the amount of funding your community receives, how your community plans for the future, and your representation in government. Data from the 2020 Census will be used to:

  • Ensure public services and funding for schools, hospitals, and fire departments.
  • Plan new homes and businesses and improve neighborhoods.
  • Determine how many seats your state is given in the House of Representative

The next census will begin in mid-March 2020. People will receive a notice in the mail to complete online, by phone, or by mail if you prefer. Responding should take less time than it takes to finish your morning coffee. To find out what information will be requested, about your information’s protection, protecting yourself against fraud and scams, and more visit:

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