July Patient Newsletter

Youth Cooking Day Camp

SCHC is excited to announce that this summer’s Youth Cooking Day Camp filled up within the first two days of registration. This event is offered in partnership with the Redding Library as a part of their Summer Reading Program. 

It is a hands on camp and will teach youth how to prepare healthy meals and snacks from a mix of different cultures. Participants will compete on teams to research, prepare, and present recipes. 
Here are some of the details in a nutshell:

  • Learn about recipes from around the world.
  • Work on teams to prepare delicious dishes.
  • Be entered to win daily raffle prizes and grand prize drawing at the end of the week.
  • Free apron for all youth who attend.

Registration Required: The program is currently full, but call (530) 245-7253 to be added to the waitlist.
Questions? Call the Redding Library at (530) 245-7253.

Children’s Health Event

Get your child ready for school with their Well Child exam and by getting shots needed for the school year. 

Who: Partnership HealthPlan Members assigned to SCHC
When: July 28th 9am - 1pm
Where: SCHC Main Center, 1035 Placer St. Redding, CA 
How: Call (530) 246-5710 today to book your spot. Walk-ins welcome on first-come first-served basis.

Marijuana Use During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

The early months are important. Your baby’s brain grows and develops quickly during the first few months of their life. Being exposed to marijuana in breastmilk, through nursing or pumped milk, can cause problems for your baby’s developing brain. If a mother making breastmilk eats or smokes marijuana, the drug easily crosses over into the milk and then goes into the baby.

What happens if you are pregnant. Smoking marijuana during pregnancy makes it so less oxygen and food get to the baby. The drug crosses the placental barrier and can be found in the newborn’s body for up to one month after a single use.

For more information ask your Clinician for the full handout.

Heat Stress & Keeping Cool

Looking for ways to keep cool and healthy during the hot summer months? Here are some tips and tricks of things to do:

  • Drink Up The most important thing you can do is to drink lots of water.
  • Dress For The Heat Wear loose-fitting, light colored clothes that will breathe. If outside, wear a hat or cap.
  • Eat Right Eat lighter meals and avoid heavy meals. Fresh fruits with higher water content is also a plus.
  • Rest & Shade If going outside or in a place without air conditioning, be sure to take breaks often and stick to the shade.
  • Be Ready For Hot Days Wear a bandana soaked in cold water (or frozen) around your neck. Plus, think “cool thoughts” and don’t focus on the heat.

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