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December Patient Newsletter

Have you heard about Shasta Community Maternity Center?

Shasta Community Maternity Center (SCMC) opened in January of this year. Our maternity center is committed to giving our patients the quality prenatal care they need throughout their pregnancy, as well as postpartum care and support after delivery. Some of the great services we offer are:

  • High-risk pregnancy care
  • Diabetes program for gestational diabetes, type 1, and type 2
  • Nutrition support with a Registered Dietician
  • Breastfeeding support with a Certified Lactation Consultant
  • On-site ultrasound imaging and lab services
  • Behavioral health services
  • Health insurance enrollment assistance
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

We are proud to offer these services to the women of our community. We accept most insurance, including all Medi-Cal programs. 

To learn more, give us a call at (530) 225-7480 or visit

Mindfulness: A Holiday Survival Guide

Life can be very chaotic during the holiday season. The demands of cooking, shopping, and getting family or friends together on top of an already busy schedule is bound to make anyone re-think celebrating the holidays. We know there may be times when you feel tired, irritable, or frustrated. The truth is, through all of the ups and downs of the holiday season it is possible to enjoy it. We hope you can use these tools to push through and have fun! 


Stress can keep your body on high alert. Your heart beats faster, the adrenaline flows, and your body goes into fight or flight mode. It may be that you were unable to buy the perfect present for a family member, the meal you prepared didn’t turn out how you expected, or you find the loneliness of the holidays is setting in. 


  • Meditation: Take a seat and straighten your body, relax and bring you attention to your breathing. 
  • Breathing Techniques: Breathe in acknowledging how you and your body feels and then breathe out releasing all of that tension from your body.
  • Think Positive: Nothing is perfect, and we can only do the best we can. Appreciate yourself and the things you do!
  • Keep a Gratitude Journal: Before bed write down 3 things you’re thankful for. When you feel stressed, open up your journal to remind yourself of those things.
  • Try physical activity, volunteering, prayer, or talking with a friend.

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