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COVID-19 Updates

We created this page to keep our community updated about the coronavirus, COVID-19, and what steps SCHC is taking to keep our patients and staff safe. Please check back regularly for the newest update.

Current SCHC COVID-19 Update: November 2020

Dear SCHC Patients,

We are here to help! We continue to operate all of our medical sites using steps to screen patients at the door for any breathing concerns or other signs of respiratory infection that could be COVID-19. Patients with respiratory concerns will be seen away from our other patients who have different healthcare concerns and needs. This is done for the safety of all of our patients and staff. If you have a question about your symptoms, especially if you are having breathing problems, please give our triage nurse a call. Our nurse is here to help and can be reached by calling (530) 246-5710

Televideo Appointments: By now many of you have heard or even experienced a phone appointment. This is a visit that both your clinician and you have agreed can be done over the phone. Thank you to our patients for allowing us to care for you in this way. More recently we have rolled out televideo visits. We have tested out a system that allows our clinicians to safely and securely video call you using your cell phone (if it has a forward-facing camera). There are many benefits of doing a televideo visit rather than a phone visit as you can imagine. If you call in for an appointment, we encourage you to do a televideo visit if it is appropriate. 

Visitor Limits at Our Health Centers: If you need to come in for a visit, we ask that you bring as few people with you as possible. This will help to reduce the number of people who need to be screened at the front doors, as well as limit the amount of people in our health centers. Thank you for your understanding. 

Specialty Care Referrals: For those patients who have been given a referral to a specialty care doctor or service, there may be some longer than normal wait times. Our Referral Center is still working hard to process these referrals, but, as you can imagine, many specialty doctor’s offices are either closed or have greatly scaled back the amount of patients they are seeing. We have little control over this, and it may push your referral out weeks or even months depending on the specialty and the way those offices are dealing with the current pandemic. We share this with you in case you are wondering why a referral may be taking so long. Please bear with us as we work towards getting you the care you need.

Well Child Exams and Vaccinations: We are still making appointments for children who are due for their well-child exams and vaccinations. These types of visits require  that your child come in to be seen. If there is a medical reason why you don’t want to bring in your child, we ask that you call our pediatric department and discuss your concerns with the clinical team. We definitely do not want your child to fall behind on their vaccinations. Remember, vaccines were created to prevent our children from suffering from diseases that were common not too long ago. 

Thank you for taking a moment to read this update. We hope that you and your family stay safe and healthy. Together we can get through this! 


Shasta Community Health Center


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