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About Redding

Redding is located in the beautiful far north of the Sacramento Valley and California.  Surrounded on three sides by designated wilderness areas, Redding is an attraction for those looking for an uncrowded experience, hiking, skiing, water sports, or just "less traffic".  Redding has a population of 90,000 with numerous surrounding smaller communities. Redding is the major medical referral center between Sacramento and Oregon.
Located conveniently on I-5, events in Sacramento and San Francisco can be reached within 2-3 hours drive. The beautiful Northern California coast is 150 miles to the west, with state parks and redwood forests for the naturalist. Living costs are typically much less in the Redding area, compared to larger metro areas of California.
Residents of the greater Redding area have found it the ideal blend of infrastructure and services - and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities.  Family centered events, schools, sports and culture are relatively easy and inexpensive to access.  Many residents choose to stay and practice here; Redding is indebted to the Family Practice programs that continue to attract and supply the bulk of primary care physicians in the area.
Two major hospitals serve the community – Shasta Regional Medical Center  and Mercy Medical Center /Redding.  A combined 400 bed availability provides exceptional medical and surgical services with a broad range of primary and specialty care. We are especially fortunate to have a talented and dedicated medical community that provides outstanding care to our patients.

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