An Update About Our Centers and COVID-19

Dear SCHC Patients,

We wanted to take a moment to give you an update about our medical centers and how our services have changed during this pandemic. 

Phone Medical Visits: All of our medical centers are open; however, we now have the option to perform medical visits by phone for some of our patients. This allows us to keep good social distancing (i.e. 6 foot spacing) and still be able to provide medical care to our patients. If you have an upcoming appointment and your clinician believes that it can be done over the phone, we will try to arrange that with you. Please note, not all medical visits can be done this way. Also, you may still need to go to Quest Labs or MD Imaging, etc. We feel that providing medical care this way is a safe and reliable option for our patients and our staff. In the near future, we are looking at using video calls (similar to Facetime or Skype), so that you and your clinician can see each other. We will announce when we are able to do video calls, but in the meantime we want our patients to know that we will be greatly expanding our use of phone visits where it makes sense. 

Screenings: If you do come on down to any of our medical centers, you will be met at the doors by a staff member who will ask you a few questions. If you have respiratory concerns or a fever that may or may not be related to the COVID-19 virus, you will then be screened by a nurse or a clinician. We are also starting to take everyone’s temperature.  This is being done to identify people who may be infected by the virus, see them in a safe location, and be able to fully protect our staff and other patients, as well as address your medical needs.

Well Child Visits and Immunizations: The current coronavirus pandemic is a reminder of what happens when our body cannot defend itself against a disease and why scientists are now working very hard to develop a vaccine. Many childhood diseases that harmed children in the past have been contained because of mass immunizations, and people tend to forget why we developed vaccines and immunized in the first place. We encourage parents and caregivers of young children to stay on schedule for their immunizations. Unfortunately, these services cannot be done by phone. Please call us for an appointment to schedule your child’s next Well Child Exam. 

COVID-19 Testing: Because of the limited amount of COVID-19 tests kits available, there are strict rules set out by Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) about who can get tested. All health care providers in Shasta County and much of the State of California must follow these rules. While you may have some of the symptoms of the virus (fever, cough, etc.), if you are otherwise fairly healthy and not in physical distress, it is being recommended that you isolate yourself. Before just coming down to our health centers, you are strongly encouraged to call us at (530) 246-5845 and speak to a nurse who can determine what other steps may be needed. This may save you an unnecessary visit. There are many good resources to learn how to protect yourself and your family, including Shasta County’s website: and the CDC website:

Emergency Dental Services: At this time the CDC recommends that most dental services be closed except for “emergency dental care.” As a result, we have closed our Anderson and Shasta Lake dental programs and greatly limited our dental services at our downtown Redding campus in the Shasta College Health Sciences building. If you have a dental emergency, please call our Redding dental center at (530) 247-7253.

We hope that you and your families stay healthy and safe during this difficult time!

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