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Theresa - Patient Education & Health Promotion Manager


Theresa’s interest in education began with her fascination with how food affects our health. Her exploration of this interest lead her to pursuing her BS in Health Education & Community Services from CSU Chico, and then a Master’s in Education from Simpson University. Though much of her childhood was spent in the Bay Area, she has lived and worked in Northern California most of her life. During her time at Chico, she interned at the Diabetes Resource Center assisting the Dietitian and Nurse in Diabetes Education and Patient Care. By highlighting the communities need for basic diabetic education, this experience further fueled Theresa’s passion for health education and instilled a lifelong compassion for those faced with the diagnosis of a chronic condition.

After graduating from Chico she worked for over 10 years at Tehama County Public Health in Health Education & Promotion, as well as Program Coordination & Management. She’s taught in various settings from preschool to college, Juvenile Hall, Jail, WIC and Drug & Alcohol. In her time at Public Health she developed curriculum and health promotion materials and taught various topics such as: Reproductive Health, TeenScreen Suicide Awareness, Parenting, Nutrition, Cooking, Computer Skills, Disaster Preparedness and developed and conducted CHDP Provider trainings. She also developed Teen Peer leader groups in schools who taught multiple topics, including hand washing and STD Prevention. She was an HIV/AIDS Case Manager for 4 years and taught HIV/AIDS/STD Prevention for 10 years. Theresa has received awards from Red Bluff High School, Girls Inc., and both Tehama and Shasta County Public Health for her work in the community. Since joining the SCHC team Theresa has continued her love of education by exploring and developing new health education opportunities for the community.

With her arrival at SCHC in 2011, Theresa became the key developer of the Patient Education & Health Promotion Department. Theresa oversees the Patient Education team and has her NCHEC Master Certified Health Education Specialist Certification. In this role, Theresa is a Certified Master Trainer for the Stanford developed Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs and facilitates several programs on a regular basis. Additionally, she is a Certified Enrollment Counselor for Covered California and oversees the Outreach & Enrollment team. Under her guidance, both teams continue to grow and add to SCHC's community education opportunities.


Patient Education Team



Delcie grew up in rural Cottonwood and she frequently enjoyed the natural beauty of the North State by camping, hiking and exploring the local lakes. This love of the North State is what led her to relocate back after almost 10 years in Southern California. During her time in Southern California, she obtained her BA in Psychology with a Minor in Education and Applied Psychology from UC Santa Barbara in 2006 and then she enjoyed Sunny San Diego until 2012. Her love of education and teaching began at her first job, working for the City of Redding summer camp program and she was able to enjoy two amazing summers before moving away. Once completing her degree in 2006, she reconnected with her love of education by working as a Site Supervisor at an after school program.

Soon after returning to the North State, she was very excited to accept a position working in SCHC’s Patient Education department. Since coming to SCHC she has been able to actualize her interest in working with people and empowering them to reach their own health goals. One such accomplishment was receiving her NCHEC Master Certified Health Education Specialist Certification. Delcie also joins Theresa as a Certified Master Trainer for the Stanford developed Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs. Also, when she isn't facilitating Stanford's programs, Delcie has played an integral part in developing SCHC's Nutrition Education Workshop and Tobacco Recovery Workshop curriculum.

Delcie also has experience in Marketing and Technology. She has taken many of our health educational materials and created dynamic presentations and customized materials that reach out in a more personalized way to our patients and staff. While at SCHC, she has also enjoyed the challenge of revitalizing the Patient Education website pages by expanding the program information available, connecting community partners, and making more web based resources readily available. Delcie keeps Patient Education’s information and designs fresh and dynamic!

Delcie also has her Master of Public Health from the University of Southern California. Her Master's Practicum allowed her to expand her experience working with Redding's homeless population. She's involved with several programs to help Redding's unsheltered community take charge of their own circumstances and improve their lives.


Betsy grew up in Ohio where she developed an excitement for life and passion for encouraging others to do the same. She discovered her interest in being active while chasing after her older brother, but her first love for sports came from soccer. She played from age 5 until her freshman year of college, at Baldwin-Wallace College, a small Christian school outside of Cleveland. After her first year, she transferred to the Ohio State University. Eventually, her interest in traveling and experiencing new places lead her to study abroad at Sydney University, in Australia. While studying Exercise Science with a Health Promotion focus she quickly became fascinated with how the body works and adapts to our lifestyle choices. After graduation in 2011, Betsy became a ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist and received her NCHEC Certified Health Education Specialist Certification. Next, after a short period living in Melbourne, Australia Betsy returned to the United States eager to start her career.

Her first career adventure was with a national non-profit organization called HealthCorps where she was excited to be assigned to Anderson New Technology High School to teach health lessons, promote employee wellness, and organize health awareness events. Following the completion of her 2-year contract, she was thoroughly enamored with the North State and knew that she wanted to stay in the area. This led her to join the SCHC Patient Education and Health Promotion team in 2014. Next, Betsy earned her Master of Health Promotion Management from Nebraska Methodist College in 2017. 

Betsy’s passion for promoting wellness in the workplace inspired her to bring together the PEHP and HR teams to kick start the We are Wellness employee wellness program. Betsy now splits her time coordinating SCHC’s employee wellness program and facilitating patient education programs. She is also a Certified Facilitator for the Stanford developed Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs and still finds time for new professional experiences and trainings so she can continue developing her abilities and contributing to the mission of SCHC.

During her free time, Betsy loves being active by teaching group fitness boot camp classes, backpacking, swimming, hiking, running, getting involved at her church, and biking with her friends and husband. She loves new experiences, whether it’s trying a new coffee shop, traveling to a new place, hiking a new trail or having a go at a new sport.  


Landi is a proud Northern California native having grown up in Happy Camp and living in many of the NorCal's beautiful communities. Growing up she enjoyed biking, camping, swimming and hiking in the areas around Happy Camp, but she found her life's passion for helping people when she began working as a receptionist at a local doctor's office. Once she began her life as a wife and mother she relocated to Susanville in 1991 with her family. Once there, she enjoyed working at being a mom and housewife until her two sons were in school. At that time, she accepted a job at Banner Lassen Hospital in the Patient Financial Services department where she learned the ins and outs of insurance processing and medical finances. During her time at Banner Lassen, Landi was awarded for and recognized as a team player, positive force and trusted employee.

After the Sierra Pacific Industries Mill closed in Susanville, she and her family were presented with the opportunity of choosing a new path in life and home. They quickly decided to stay in the North State and considered either Anderson or Shasta Lake City, eventually choosing to relocate to Shasta Lake City. Shortly after settling in to their new home in 2004, Landi accepted a position at Shasta community Health Center as a Visit Coordinator, a position that she held for over 5 years until she accepted the newly created Patient Portal Coordinator position. In this position, Landi helped to launch and maintain the patient centered Shasta Health Connect online platform.

Landi is now a happy member of the Patient Education & Health Promotion team where she, among other things, helps organize and maintain patient education workshops. In recent years, she has become a Certified Master Trainer for the Stanford developed Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs and has realized her joy for helping participants through their self-management journeys. When not helping SCHC fulfill its mission of serving the underserved, Landi enjoys pursuing various entrepreneurial endeavors to expand her experiences working within the Redding community. She continues this interest by finding opportunities to brighten the days of her friends and family through organizing numerous outings and gatherings for them to delight in. When in need of some personal time, she adores curling up with her beloved dog, Rosco, and a good book.


Outreach & Enrollment Team



Camron has lived in Redding for most of his life. Even at a young age, he was always interested in helping others. At the age of 12 he joined the local boy scout group “Troop 37” and helped others through volunteering at local events and functions for close to 6 years. He continued his love of working with people when he accepted a job working for a nonprofit organization as a youth outreach administrator in Scottsdale, Arizona. Camron worked his way up that organization for 5 years, eventually becoming a board member and helping over 3,500 youth and young adults raise money for school scholarships.

Camron made his way back to Redding to be with his family and continue his career helping others. He joined the SCHC team in 2012 and joined the Patient Education team as an Outreach & Enrollment Specialist in late 2013. In this position, he used his past experience to help create a user friendly approach to understanding healthcare options. Camron is a Certified Enrollment Counselor with Covered California, as well as a Certified Master Trainer for the Stanford developed Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs. When he's not working with consumers to choose the best healthcare option for them, he leads patient education workshops and works with his team members to develop patient friendly programs.

Camron still volunteers at local events and functions, one such group is the Legion of the Purple Hearts Veterans Association. That particular group fundraises year round and allows Camron to bring his young son to help alongside him. Camron looks forward in serving you and his community.



Holly was born in Redding and raised in the surrounding area. Her childhood was filled with camping and enjoying the North State's abundance of back roads. After graduating high school she moved to Idaho where she attended Boise State University. This is also where her passion for working with insurance emerged during her time working at her family's insurance agency. This experience, along with her own personal history with the struggles and benefits of insurance fueled her passion to work in the healthcare field.

After being drawn back to the North State, she earned her AS in Office Administration: Medical Office Specialist from Shasta College. Her degree and her strong interest in customer service lead to her joining SCHC as a Visit Coordinator. She eventually, however, found her way back to connecting the community with health insurance resources when she joined the Outreach & Enrollment team. Holly is now a Certified Enrollment Counselor for Covered California and she also uses her people skills as a Certified Master Trainer for the Stanford developed Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs. When she's not meeting with consumers or facilitating, Holly is also a Certified Triple P Counselor. She enjoys working with her supervisor and co-workers to design and mold the Outreach and Enrollment program within the Patient Education and Health Promotion Department.

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